Thematic bars in Prague: Nightlife in style (PR)

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Where to go when darkness falls on the city of hundred towers and you long for a cold drink after a day of sightseeing?

Thematic bars in Prague: Nightlife in style

In the city centre, you'll probably find a pub that serves excellent Czech beer just a few steps away, no matter whether you turn left or right.

But if you're looking for a more sophisticated experience that will make your evening (or night) unforgettable, we're here to give you a few nightlife tips.

Aloha Cocktail Bar - a breath of Hawaii

Summer is in full swing and most of us are longing for a vacation at the beach. If you can't afford a plane ticket to an exotic destination this year, what can be better than getting a taste of Maui in the heart of Europe? Popular bar, restaurant and dance club by the name Aloha Cocktail Bar will make it possible. The word "Aloha" is commonly used as a greeting in Hawaii, but it has a much deeper meaning and is often connected with love, affection, peace and the carefree spirit of Hawaii. The wooden interior of the club, decorated with tropical motifs, will allow you to relax just like a beautiful island - with a delicious sweet or sour cocktail in your hand. But don't be mistaken, Aloha Cocktail bar can also be a perfect place for a wild party!

Fly high in the Hangar Cocktail Bar Club |

Industrial motifs are in, and Hangar Cocktail Bar Club takes them to a new level with its meticulously designed interior. This stylish bar located in the heart of Prague is a must-see for all fans of aviation and its history. It takes inspiration from the golden era of aviation, from the overall style to the waitress and bartenders, who, by the way, put on an extraordinary show. Hangar Music Bar Club also offers two floors to dance on and typically stays open till the early morning hours. Fly high with the legendary PAN AM airline - or its spot on duplicate!

In the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway

Another popular and well-known place to get an amazing drink is the Hemingway bar Prague, inspired by the world-famous author, who is known to have been an avid bar lover. The atmosphere will take you all the way back to the era of prohibition in America - with a taste of Cuba, underline by a selection of excellent rums. The bar is also your go-to place, if you wish to try out one of the more luxurious kinds of Absinthe - just be careful, the alcohol content can go as high as 80%!

Ready for a nightmare?

Then why not end the night in the dimly lit NIGHTMARE Prague Horror Bar! This one is a true classic and will certainly amaze not just fans of the genre. Although horror-lovers will still enjoy it most, as they'll recognize the scenes and characters from many a cult movie in the interior. Aside of the realistic macabre atmosphere, undertone by ominous red lights, you'll find here thematic drinks, a selection of beers and various delicacies. After a while, you'll be enjoying yourself so much that you'll forget to fear.

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18. června 2019


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